Welcome to Wild Wisdom, a body of work based on nature and the passage of time.  

A prominent theme in my work is rebirth — the continuous cycle of decay giving way to life. It is most evident in the animal skulls adorned with flowers. Each work is a unique time capsule celebrating these intricacies in the cycle of life.I’ve been fascinated with flowers since childhood. Georgia O’keeffe said “If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.” Flowers have always been my world, and I’m grateful to be able to share a bit of that world with you in my art.  During my years arranging bouquets in mom-and-pop shops, I saw how important flowers are in commemorating life’s big and little occasions, from birth to death and everything in between. 

Ephemeral in nature, flowers speak to me in a fleeting language I can relate to. 

Steeped in lore and medicinal wisdom, their beauty and meaning is undeniable. 

From the day it sprouts from seed, a flower is grown from the earth and then goes back to the earth.

In keeping with the metaphor, I sculpt my flowers from a variety of colored earthen clays, pressing each petal by hand. Some are delicate and pleasing while some are a little bedraggled—this speaks significantly about the diversity of their origin and journey.  Along with handmade flowers, I use found art, repurposed glazed flowers, vintage plates, clocks and other bits of memorabilia. In creating these assemblages I aim to create a nostalgic look that conjures up memory and memento mori.  

As an extension to my sculptures, I have produced a series of mono-prints. They are created from photographs of my sculptures. Images are transferred from photo copies that are then destroyed during the process, allowing to create a single, one of kind image. Again, something new comes out of something that has gone away.

Much like a garden that needs the four seasons to grow and flourish, the works in Wild Wisdom were created to honor that cyclical part of nature.